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What does it mean that I can auction a load?

If you need to transport a load, with ATNcargo you can publish an advertisement with the characteristics of your cargo and the details of the shipment. Then, the announcement will be published in the form of an auction and the carriers will be able to make their bids in the form of bids. When publishing a shipment an auction process is initiated where the customer receives offers made by carriers interested in achieve the shipment.

Why use ATNcargo and not another similar platform?

Unlike other platforms, at ATNcargo we offer an excellent transport auction management service, customers find new carriers to work with at no cost and carriers find new customers, without costs with the basic pack. Therefore, you can publish or participate in an auction until the end of the process without any additional cost using basic services. Also, being a user of ATNcargo you will enjoy many advantages and exclusive promotions and your personal data are always treated with responsibility.

How is the payment made?

ATNcargo is a marketplace and we only take care of contacting the client with the carrier. In this way, the payments of the transports or the agreements between clients and carriers do not belong to ATNcargo. Even so, we have security and control ratios of our users in order that they offer a quality service and always within the law. For this reason, we offer the option to verify the account to the user by providing official documentation.

What does a verified user mean?

ATNcargo has a verification system where transport users provide us with a copy of official documentation of their company and after our internal validation by our team, we highlight these users with a distinctive icon in its profile.

What documentation is necessary to verify my account?

  • Photocopy of Tax Identification Number
  • Transport Card
  • Freight transport operator card
  • Carrier freight carrier card
  • Last insurance receipt
  • Other certificates (affiliation to transport associations, ISO, RGSEAA, OAS, ...)

Will the documents sent to you verify my account?

No, in any case. The official documents that are sent to ATNcargo will be treated internally and in order to attribute a verified account badge to the user, as long as it complies with the requirements.

What is tracking or en-route tracking of road cargo?

Once the auction is awarded, the carrier through the ATNcargo app can send the geographical position of their vehicle so that the customer has proof of the location of their cargo on time real.

How does the score work?

Each user has a scoring and evaluation system in which you can determine the professionalism of each of the carriers and customers by scoring and commenting on the service performed.

How long is an auction?

The duration of the auction is chosen by the client.

How is the payment made?

Once the auction is adjudicated, the client and carrier will receive the respective personal data by email to detail the characteristics of the payment externally to ATNcargo, we do not have any commission left.

How can I follow an auction?

Whether you are a customer or a carrier, you can follow the status of your auctions or those in which you are participating from the section My loads.

How can I view user profiles?

Any ATNcargo user can view the public profiles of carriers and customers by clicking on the user's name. It is important that you review the profiles of the users with whom you want to work, as well as the comments and ratings left by other users who have already worked with them. Keep in mind that ratings are self-rated among users, so be sure to check profiles carefully!

How is the life cycle of an auction?

  1. The customer publishes a shipment
  2. Carriers make their offers to get the job
  3. The time of the auction ends
  4. The customer selects a carrier
  5. The shipping is delivered
  6. Client and carrier value the experience

How can I register with ATNcargo?

To register as a user you just have to fill in the form that you will find in the section REGISTER

I lost the password. How can i get it back?

You can retrieve your password by clicking on the following link

Change password

You can change your password from My profile> Change password . On the other hand, if you do not remember the password of your account you can recover it by clicking here

How can I change my account information?

You must go to My profile> Change user data and if you want to change any more information do not hesitate to send us an email here

How can I control what happens in an auction?

At ​​the moment you participate in an auction as a customer or carrier, you will receive notifications of everything that happens in the auction via email or push notifications if you have downloaded the ATNcargo app.


How can I publish a shipment?

Once you access your account as a client user, you can go to the section Create Auction and fill in the form that appears. You must fill in all the fields with the maximum possible detail and being as accurate as possible in terms of the information of the cargo and the type of transport required. You have a section called Description and dimensions where you can add all the additional information you require. This way you will increase the chances of your auction having more coincidences with the transits of the carriers and making them more attractive. Once your auction is published, it is also very important to resolve the doubts raised by users in the chat.

Am I forced to choose the lowest bid?

No, once the auction closes you can decide to award it to the carrier you prefer. The criterion of selction of the carrier depends on you. You can view the comments and ratings of other users in the personal profile of each carrier. However, if you have received few bids, in order to receive more offers and make your auction more attractive for carriers, we recommend that you write and provide as much information as possible regarding your cargo and its transportation.

Will I receive phone calls from carriers when I post an auction?

No. Your contact information will not be public. Carriers will not be able to contact you outside ATNcargo before the end of the auction since the contact information is shown once the auction is adjudicated. However, you can contact ATNcargo whenever you want if there is any doubt or incident.

How many bids or budgets can I get?

It depends on the type of load and the route, but with our extensive network of transporters statistically you will receive several offers for the same job.

Can I contact the carrier by phone or e-mail?

You will only be able to see the personal data of the winning carrier once you have awarded the auction. You will receive this information by email in your email account. Otherwise, you can only contact the carrier through the chat of each auction.

I have lost the carrier's contact information. How can I recover them?

There is a case of retrieving contact information from My loads Search for your auction in the auction list and click on the email icon, under the weight field.

How does the chat work?

In each auction you have a specific chat where you can get in touch with the carriers and answer their questions. Remember that according to the regulations of ATNcargo, personal data can not be disclosed. An inappropriate use of this tool can have consequences such as expulsion from the platform.

I found the ATNcargo app Can I use it?

Of course! We have launched an app for smartphones and tablets so you can publish your uploads from anywhere and track them. Download the ATNcargo app for your Android or iOS.

Can I set a budget?

Indeed. If you wish, you can include a budget for which the auction will be awarded if the carrier enters that number as a bid.

What is an express auction?

It is an auction with a minimum publication time of 30' for those cases in which the transport of a load is required in a very short time. However, ATNcargo always recommends that the auctions have the longest duration to be able to get more quotes.


How many auctions can I participate in?

ATNcargo allows you to participate in all the auctions you want, helping you get more jobs and increase your client base.

Can I contact the customer by phone or e-mail?

Personal data appear at the time the customer awards an auction to a specific transport user. Only, at that moment you will be able to see the customer's data when it awards you its auction. You will receive the data in your email account by email.

How can I ask the customer questions regarding transportation if I have doubts?

When you participate in an auction by making an offer to the customer, you can ask all the questions you have through the chat that appears in each auction and so the customer can answer your questions and that of the other carriers.

How important is the score and comments on my profile?

Customers do not always hire the carriers that offer the lowest prices, but they also make their hiring decisions based on the comments and ratings that other users have made about you, and they can see in your profile. In this way, we recommend that you always treat all your clients with the utmost professionalism so that you can get positive comments.

How can I get more shipments?

It is very important to maintain your complete profile, with the data that is updated. Our statistics tell us that customers rely more on those carriers that have the account verified by ATNcargo, so it is very important to verify your account as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is helpful to show a proactive attitude both during the auction and when it is finished. Remember that you can ask all those questions that you consider appropriate in reference to the load and the type of transport through the chat.

What's the use of chat?

Chat is a tool that allows you to ask questions about loading or sending to the customer. Remember that according to the regulations of ATNcargo, personal data can not be disclosed. An inappropriate use of this tool can have consequences such as expulsion from the platform.

How do I know if I am the winner of an auction?

When the client awards an auction, that is, selects the offer from a carrier, an email is automatically sent to the customer and to the carrier with the contact details of both. When you receive it, immediately contact the carrier via phone or email.

Am I forced to use tracking?

No, you simply have to disconnect the locator from your smartphone and in this way both the Android and iOS app will not show your position to the client. Anyway, our metrics tell us that those carriers that use tracking receive better opinions and score than those that do not. Even so, you will always be free to choose whether or not to use this functionality.

What does it mean to delegate the transport of a load?

The functionality that allows delegating the transport of a load is designed for those cases in which an auction has been won but the person who has won the auction does not match the driver who will perform the tracking. You can activate this functionality from the auction panel found in MY LOADS.

Premium version

What does it mean to be premium?

Premium transporters have some advantages such as: making more than one bid in the same auction, not seeing advertising on the site, having a better image and allowing certain advantages or comfort during the auction process in order to get more customers.

What is the credit?

Credit is a virtual points system exclusive to ATNcargo Premium users that allows activates certain functionalities within the platform

How do the credits work?

By having credits in your account you can perform certain actions, some with credit consumption and others not.

What actions require credit?

  • Make more than one bid in an auction (requires a consumption of 25 credits)
  • Participate in chats with clients (you need to have credit in your account but it is not consumed)
  • Remove advertising (requires credit in your account but is not consumed)
  • More visibility for customers (requires credit in your account but is not consumed)

How can I be a premium carrier?

You just have to load credit from the Premium section that you will find in the menu of your personal profile by selecting the amount of credits you want to reload and entering the data of your card.

If I am a customer, can I be premium?

Not at the moment, we are working on a new Premium functionality for clients but we will activate it in the next months. Do not worry, we'll let you know.

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