What is ATNcargo?

ATNcargo is a collaborative online platform between individuals or businesses who need to carry goods, and transportation professionals. It works with reverse auction system: clients post their shipments and carriers make theirs offers by an auction of the the transport of the load. ATNcargo users don't have to pay any fees or permanence and can publish or get freights for free using our tools

With ATNcargo you get:

If you are customer (if you want to make a shipment)

  • Savings up to 80% of transport costs
  • Free online management
  • Simplicity and speed management processes
  • Live Chat with the carrier
  • Free choice of carrier
  • Real-time tracking of your cargo during transport

If you are carrier

  • Search loads
  • Reduce empty returns
  • Free online management
  • Increase contracts
  • Reduce intermediaries
  • Expand the client portfolio
  • Live chat with clients
  • Easy and fast management processes
  • Verifyed user account

In addition, you can use a real-time tracking of the load location thanks to our free Tracking System for customers and carriers.

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