About us

We are an experienced team of professionals in the transport field and new technologies. Our mission is to revolutionize the transport field from local to global in order to build the largest European online market of transport auctions and where clients and carriers can post and get loads. Our aim is to provide a networking place where clients can find the useful tools to send loads anywhere in the world, and carriers can get jobs making bids by offers in the auctions

In ATNcargo we are doing our best everyday to offer to you the best services for your business.

If you are a client and/or belong to a logistics team, using ATNcargo you are able to:

  • Optimize time in negotations and receive better quotes
  • Reduce intermediaries and get more competitive budgets
  • Free choice of carrier and real-time tracking of your load during the transport

If you are a carrier, ATNcargo offers you:

  • Get new jobs at national and international level
  • Increase your revenues and reduce empty returns at your routes
  • Increase your client database and provide better services to your clients
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